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First Aid Tips

We want to help everyone stay fit and healthy. On this page we'll display tips for improving your confidence in handling First Aid Emergencies and to help you maintain the Health of those around you.


Asking Permission to help

Give reassurance When an injured or ill responsive adult needs emergency care, ask permission before you assist the person.  Asking for permission to help also acts to reassure the patient, noting that you are trained appropriately. 

Ask in the right way You ask for permission to help with the Emergency Responder statement. You simply say,“Hello? My name is ____________.  I’m a First Aider/ Emergency Responder. May I help you?” 

Get agreement It’s important to get the patient’s agreement if he is alert and responsive.  If the patient agrees or doesn’t respond, you can proceed with emergency care. 

Implied consent If a responsive adult becomes unconscious, most laws assume implied permission – meaning you can proceed with emergency care.  

Help without touching If an injured or ill responsive adult refuses emergency care, do not force it on the person.  If possible, talk with the individual and monitor the patient’s condition by observation without providing actual care.  You could, however, activate Emergency Medical Services by calling for an ambulance or Paramedic at this time.

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