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We want to help everyone stay fit and healthy. On this page we'll display lifestyle pursuits you can adopt to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Lifestyle pursuits are a great way to stay healthy, meet people and relax from the stresses of the world


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Whether you would like to join a dance class for social dancing or as a hobby, or wish to further your dancing skills by taking examinations or even prepare for a one off occasion such as a wedding dance, there are a number of different dance techniques to consider.  Not all dance is to a strict format but most forms will enhance your health, flexibility and mibility.

Take a look at the sites below and hopefully you will find a dance form to fully accomodate your preferences.

Learn to Dance in Cheshire

Ceroc Dance Network

Modern Jive

West Coast Swing, Modern Jove and much more at the Cinnamon Club

Environmental Conservation Projects
Conservation doesn't need to be uninteresting, costly or boring.  Not everyone simply wants your money.  Get active and involved.  The world has much to offer us if we help take care of it - satisfaction at a job well done and confidence that what we do can really make a difference.
Organised Environmental Conservation Projects can range from simple Beach Clean-ups to full blown studies of creatures and their habitats.
Talks and Workshops help not only educate us but also create great new opportunities for socialising and making friends.

Health & Wellbeing Advice

If you have sustained an injury, or suffer headaches, shoulder pain, tension or other unwanted symptoms of physical or mental stress after participating in your chosen hobby, why not make an appointment to see how e might help by clicking this link

>>>>>  Wellbeing Specialist

Gardening and visiting Public Gardens
Gardening can be a back breaking exercise, so for those who enjoy an active but less trenuous way to use excess energy in a more relaxing way, why not visit and admire some of our nation's finest gardens

National Gardens open to the Public for Charity

National Trust Properties

Swimming for Relaxation

Swimming isn't just a seaside pursuit, it is a way of relaxing and gently maintaining joint mobility and flexibility no matter what your age or health.  Indeed, swimming can be both relaxing and a way of meeting new people with similar interests.
Swimming is a life saving skill for all who love water borne pursuits - but if all you want is a way of stretching those tiored muscles and gently maintaining your mobility, remember, even at 80+ years of age you don't have to be a super athlete to join in.

Everyone can benefit from swimming instruction - babies and infants taking their first splash, athletes developing their technique or just mum's and dad's for pleasure.

If you are a learner classes can be a fun way to learn and have fun.

If you are an experienced swimmer they can both develop effective technique and introduce you to a whole new group of freinds.

For those with firm goals in mind, such as Traithletes, Iron men, Masters Championships in their sights, classes can take you from effective strokes into how to adopt techniques for efficient swimming.

The Elie Swim School website is up and running.  Click here to access information about swimming classes >>>>>

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