Health & Stretching

The little things in life

Ever wondered what it is that one person does and another doesn't that makes the difference in their apparent wellbeing.  No one thing makes all people happy, no one action ensures everyone will be healthy. It is a collection of little things, matched to our individual needs and circumstances, that can make the difference in each of our lives.

There are many stretches that can help not only prevent injury but also aid rehabilitation and retention of mobility.


000127 Active Ankle Eversion

000107 Active Ankle Mobility

000191 Advanced Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

000168 All Fours Hip Extension

000181 All Fours Piriformis Stretch

000098 Alternate Leg Hip Extension

000059 Ankle Clasp Back Stretch

000129 Ankle Eversion with Band

000141 Ankle Proprioception

000081 Arm Circles

000135 Assisted Knee Flexion


00002 Lying Back Curl

000014 Lying Backward Lying Quadriceps Stretch

000015 Seated on floor Ballet Stretch

000099 Bent Leg Hip Flexion With Band

000037 Lying Bent leg spinal twist

000130 Box Jumps

000100 Bridge

000006 Seated Butterfly

000025 Seated on floor Buttocks Stretch


000115 Calf raise on a step

000021 Stood Calf stretch

000103 Stood or Seated Chicken Wings

000158 Clam

000053 Stood or Sat Cowface up and Overs

000008 Lying Curl Up


000017 Kneeling Dog

000031 Stood Doorway Shoulder Stretch

000109 Dorsi flexion with band

 000078 Stood or Seated Double Chin Tightener


000075 Stood or Seated Ear to Shoulder neck stretch

000060 Stood or Seated Ear to Shoulder Scalene

000116 Eccentric heel drop

000136 Eccentric squats

000002 Standing sitting Elbow Clasp Side Bend

000052 Lying Elbow Spreader


000160 Figure 4 Lift

000148 Foot strengthener

000128 Forefoot Press

000023 Stood or Seated Forward Neck Flexion

000016 Seated on Floor Forward Splits

000049 Stood or Seated Forward Wall Push


000161 Glute Stretch on Back

000162 Good Mornings


000138 Hamstring Catches

000139 Hamstring Curls

000101 Lying Head to Knee stretch

000140 Heel Drop

000076 Stood Heel Raise

000142 Heel Slides

000111 Heel toe balance / Tandem Stance

000118 Heel toe walking

000134 Heel Walk

000163 Hip Abduction Lying

000164 Hip Abduction with Band

000165 Hip Adduction Against Gravity

000166 Hip Adduction with Band

000169 Hip Extension with Band

000170 Hip Hitch / Hip Raise

000123 Hopping exercises


000036 Stood Ironing Board Back

000155 Isometric Abdominal tightener

000137 Isometric Ankle Eversion

 000114 Isometric ankle Inversion

 000171 Isometric Groin Contractor

 000092 Isometric hamstring rehabilitator

 000172 Isometric Hip Abduction

 000173 Isometric Hip adduction

 000174 Isometric Hip Extension

 000175 Isometric Hip Flexion

 000144 Isometric Quadricep contraction 



000145 Knee Extension with Band

000010 Lying Knee to chest stretch

000176 Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch


000177 Lateral Hip Rotation with Band

000044 Stood Lateral Lunge

000001 Stood or Seated Lateral Neck Stretch

000028 Stood Leg Flex Extension

000178 Long Adductor Stretch Sitting

000147 Lunge on Step

000083 Lunge with Ball

000007 Lying Lying Butterfly

000190 Lying Lying Quadriceps Stretch


000179 Medial Hip Rotation with Band

 000125 Medicine ball catch


000054 Stood or Seated Neck extension

000149 Neck-shoulder-back Stretching Exercises Part 1

000150 Neck-shoulder-back Stretching Exercises Part 2

000084 Nordic Curl / Norwegian hamstring curl


000102 Seated Oblique Butterfly

000027 Stood Open Squat


000159 Passive Eccentric Hip Adduction

000046 Stood Pelvic Tilt

000132 Pencil Lift

000180 Piriformis Stretch from Standing

000110 Plantar flexion with band

000085 Plié / Wide squat

000112 Posterior tibialis Twin

000086 Prolonged Seated Knee Extension

000087 Prolonged Seated Knee Flexion

000167 Prone Hip Extension

000183 Prone Hip Flexor Stretch

000152 Prone Lying Scapula Exercise


000143 Prone Isometric Quadricep strengthener


000041 Stood or Seated Raised Cross Arm Extension

000126 Resistance band Proprioception jump

 000120 Resistance band sole inversion

 000117 Resisted eccentric Ankle inversion

 000088 Resisted hamstring curl 


000013 Stood Sampson Lunge

000082 Stood Sampson Lunge

000097 Seated Adductor Stretch

000108 Seated calf raise

000187 Seated Tensor Fascia Latae Stretch

000068 Stood or Seated Shoulder Circles

000039 Stood or Seated Shoulder Raise

000009 Lying Side Roll Flip Flops

000153 Sidelying Shoulder Exercise

000089 Sit to Stand

000156 Sit to Stands

000090 Squat with Band

000192 Standing Back Pain tips and exercises

000106 Stood Standing Floor Touch

000184 Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

000034 Stood Standing Quadriceps stretch

000004 Stood Standing Squat

000124 Step back

000119 Stork balance

000091 Stork hamstring curl

000011 Stood or Seated Straight Arm Raise

000093 Straight leg ball pick up

000185 Straight Leg Raise

000064 Stood Sunshine Stretch

000071 Kneeling Superman

000182 Supine Piriformis Stretch


000186 Tensor Fascia Latae Ballet Stretch

000094 Terminal Knee Extension

000012 Sitting Thigh Hugs

000188 Thomas Hip Flexor Stretch

000133 Tip Toe Walk

000131 Toe Lift

000113 Toe raise

000122 Toe Spread

000005 Stood Toe Touch

000003 Stood or Seated Tower

000030 Stood or Sat Triceps stretch

000104 Stood or Seated Triceps Stretch



000095 Vastus Medialis Oblique Rehabilitator


000189 Walking Hip Abduction with Band

000151 Wall Angels

000105 Stood Wall Push-up

000157 Wall slides

000096 Wall Squats

000154 Waxing

000146 Weighted Lateral Lunge

000080 Stood or Seated Wimbledon Neck Rotation

000121 Wobble board Balancer





Positive Thinking

Think big – aim high. If you aim for the moon and miss, you may just hit a star.  Break your large goal down into small manageable steps. By the yard it’s hard, by the inch it’s a cinch.

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