Motivation, Mood & Mental Health

Get yourself in the mood for motivating yourself and attracting successful change.  Start with the end in mind – if you don’t know where you are going to, how will you know when you get there. Plan your work – work your plan. If you fail to plan – you plan to fail.   Enjoy the process – it is important to have fun.  


Artistic Minis 

Painting would be super relaxing if it weren’t for the whole blank-page-artistic problem. The solution? Paint miniatures or models instead! With all of the “creation” already done, you just have to exercise creativity (and a little bit of dexterity) painting the objects however you want.

 You can then use the painted pieces as components in games (e.g. wargaming) or decor around your home. 

Visit Goobertown: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoobertownHobbies/videos



 If you’re into journaling or if you want to make some cheap gifts, consider bookbinding as your next hobby.

Bookbinding won’t leave a huge dent in your wallet. You’ll need special glue, book cloth, binding board, leather, thread, a sewing needle, bookbinding tapes, and the actual pages of your book. 

For ideas on making your own Book Covers as a start, check out the Category: Books-Albums



 I can safely say that calligraphy has pretty much vanished from Western culture.

 Cursive isn’t popular in schools these days, and an insane amount of young people don’t even know how to properly sign their own name. Take your handwriting to the next level, and learn how to do calligraphy. 

Choose from several different font styles, and make your handwriting look like one of the script fonts from Microsoft Word. To start, you’ll need some brush pens, a pencil, dip pens, markers, and parallel pens.


Dare to Draw

Ever wanted to learn how to draw but could never commit to art school or art classes?

 The videos by Proko are great because they’re illustrative , convenient, and free. You only need pencil and paper to get started.

 Visit Proko: https://www.youtube.com/c/ProkoTV/playlists


Embroidery Cross Stitch

 Cross stitching is considered one of those “old lady hobbies,” but anyone can do it. It’s a relaxing way to create a beautiful homemade design.

 With just a little practice, an embroidery hoop, needle and thread, you’ll become an expert at your craft.

Check out our shop for free ideas and where to pick out a pattern to model your design after.
Check the Category: Sewing


Find and Fit the Pieces

Find and fit the pieces of a Giant Jig-saw Puzzle. If you can set aside a chunk of flat space for weeks at a time, completing at least one mind-numbingly difficult jigsaw puzzle in your lifetime is a truly amazing achievement. 

Why not take a 5, 000 piece puzzle and once you’re done, mount it on a frame and turn it into an art hanging for your home. If you’re an achiever-type who really wants a challenge, you might even opt for a bigger one—like this insane 51,300-piece Premium Puzzle by Kodak is a whopping 28.5 by 6.25 FEET!


Game Night Hosting

Game Nights with card games and board games do not have to be restricted to the popular Monopoly, Cluedo, or Guess Who.  There is a whole new world of interesting games out there.  Look around for a local game store—one that specializes in modern card games and board games—and see if they hold public game nights.  If they do, attend one!  And if you already have experience with games like Concept, Cash N Guns, Dungeons and Dragons or The Resistance, then why not throw your own private game night?


Happy Snapper

Anyone can point and shoot a phone camera. But How do you get those snaps that turn out to be great photos?

Learn about composition and light and it will sharpen your eye and develop a greater appreciation for the world around you. For an easy-to-digest introduction on composition,  visit Mike Browne: https://www.youtube.com/c/MikeBrowne/playlists


Interior Reflection

Interior Design starts not with a pot of paint but with room accents: cushions, mirrors, hanging ornaments.  Small, inexpensive changes can have massive impact on the look and feel of your dwelling. reflect your personality within your home.

Our on-line shop will give you ideas for room accents that can be made from upcycled elements, recycled fabrics, vintage  cast-offs and a little imagination.

Check the Category: Home Decor-Household 


Jam making

It is easier than you think to become a prize winning Jam maker.  A heavy bottomed pan, clean kitchen utensils and jars & unspoiled ingredients plus a will to take your time, and there you have it.

Check out some of the free Jams, Jellies, Marmalade & Conserves recipes on this site and enjoy the produce.


Knit Together

Knitting doesn’t require too much mental energy so you can watch TV or listen to a podcast while you do it, and it’s productive.

 Visit our store for free ideas for caps, scarves, beenies, golf club covers, stuffed animals and more. Knitting groups have become great fun with people sharing ideas and achievements on-line. Check the Category: Knitting Supplies for free Patterns


Learn to Cook

Everyone needs to eat.  By learning how to cook you can save a ton of money and may even find that cooking itself is a therapeutic and relaxing activity.

Recipes on our site not only include the ingredients, but also techniques and tips to help make your dishes taste sublime.
Check the Recipes area of our site for free Recipes and Cookery Tips


Magic to meet folk

Learning Card magic isn’t easy, but it’s one of the coolest hobbies to pick up. You can usually find a pack of cards anywhere you go, or take your own to bust out a card trick no matter where you are.

It can be an excellent conversation starter, plus it helps develop skills like manual dexterity, charismatic presentation, and creative thinking. Or just a great way to pass the time.

 Visit Chris Ramsey: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChrisRamsay52/playlists


Novel Writing 

Brandon Sanderson is the most prolific fantasy writer of our time. He’s published millions of words since his debut in 2005. 

There’s a ton you can learn and apply no matter what kind of creative writing you want to do. Start small with a Novella And expand to a full blown Novel.

 Visit Brandon Sanderson: https://www.youtube.com/c/BrandSanderson/playlists


Origami Napkins

For a hobby that demands very little creativity or commitment, you can’t beat origami. There are numerous tutorial channels on the web, so you won’t ever run out of stuff to make.  

It is particularly satisfying to show your prowess by folding Napkins for place settings at a party.

 Visit EZ Origami: https://www.youtube.com/c/EzOrigami/playlists 


Propagate & Grow

Don’t worry about building a full-on garden. Begin with one plant or a packet of seed! 

Water it, give it sunlight, and be mindful of temperature—and you may find it to be a surprisingly rewarding experience. 

The feeling of magic and accomplishment is downright euphoric.


Quiz Mania

 It’s one thing to join in a Pub Quiz, but many people have now taken to writing and hosting their own over Zoom.
Why not create your own quiz based around food facts, health myths and therapy mysteries.
Check out these different areas of our site and amaze yourself with what you know.


Read out of this World

Cultivate your imagination and read for free.
Many Fantasy Fiction writers offer a first glimpse into their new worlds to readers through free on-line downloads.
Explore free e-books and let your mind conjure an image for itself.  Visit the Categories Faerie World and Gnome Life to see how ideas formed in the imagination can take shape in reality.



 Have you ever seen someone solve a Rubik’s Cube in a matter of seconds? You can do the same if you have an affinity for math and puzzles. 

Speedsolving (also called speedcubing) is the practice of solving a Rubik’s Cube as fast as you can. 


Trivia Night

Once you’re out of college and living life, you may find it hard to keep an active social life. Trivia Nights are a great way to meet new faces and break through barriers—plus it’s a fun way to test how much useless knowledge you’ve stored up over the years.  

Ask around at local pubs, libraries, churches etc to find a local venue offering Trivia Nights. 




Video Game Development

Maybe this is the year you finally make that video game idea you’ve been thinking about since childhood! 

Game development is no walk in the park, though, which is why a high-quality game development tutorial channel is needed.

Brackeys is considered relatable, clear, and he offers several playlists worth checking out. He teaches how to code games using C# and Unity.

 Visit Brackeys: https://www.youtube.com/c/Brackeys/playlists 


Wood Craft

Want to learn how to whittle and carve wood? Gene Messer may not have the same fast-paced editing that’s standard for modern YouTube videos, but that’s why his videos are great for learning. 

You can hear his thought process behind every cut and why he carves the way he does, which is invaluable for a learner.

 Visit Gene Messer: https://www.youtube.com/user/whittler0507/videos




Yoga Stretches

Try the 10 min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch with Kassandra. She’s engaging and instructive without pushing the spiritual angle. More importantly, she puts out a wide range of yoga videos for all types: short routines, long routines, yoga for pain, yoga for sleep, yoga for energy, etc.  

Visit Yoga with Kassandra: https://www.youtube.com/c/yogawithkassandra/playlists


Zone Out Colouring

Who said colouring books were only for kids?  While they’re certainly good for training youngsters in motor coordination and creativity, they’re also excellent for adults who just need to zone out and relax in a creative way. Adult colouring books are more intricate than their for-younger counterparts, and the resulting colourings are pretty much always pleasing to the eye no matter how “uncreative” you might be. All you need is a box of crayons or coloured pencils, colouring can actually help you relax and de-stress. Make it more fun by shading in mythological creatures or your favourite pop culture icons? Unleash your inner-child, try out a colouring book for adults.

Positive Thinking

 Focus on what you want – not on what you don’t want. Become more aware of what you spend most of your time focusing on.  What is it all about, what does it mean to you