Upcycled, Repurposed, Vintage, Re-cycled

Everything in our store has been hand crafted by me in the UK using elements of up-cycled and repurposed materials, frequently about to be discarded and often shared or donated by friends who want to see what could be made.  It is the creative side of us all that, when nurtured, promotes our wellbeing and feeling of self-worth.    No matter what your skill level, it is the use of your imagination that generates greatest rewards quite unexpectedly.
Things may not look pristine, but nothing created from the imagination using previously cast off or unwanted items ever is, that is what makes it unique.

Craft Ideas

Applique Runners & Table Mats

Repurposed Table linen, fabric scraps & embroidery thread ends

Christmas Tree Table Runner Applique fabric scraps & repurposed table linen
Aroma Gnome Room Fresheners

Potpourri filled Gnomes created from cardboard, fabric & wool scraps

Aroma Gnome Fragrant Room freshener
Aromabuddy Creatures

Fragrant, fabric, creatures from hand made Potpourri stuffing & recycled fabrics

Percy Penguin Sewn Aromabuddy Penguin
Beanies & Slouchies

Microfleece scrap used to line woolly hats, beanies & slouchies

Knitted Beanie Beanie lined with Microfleece
Butterfly Flower Enhancers

Wired, obsolete overhead projector acetate, upcycled into Butterfly ornaments

Card Making

Hand Crafting cards from recycled, upcycled, vintage & other repurposed ephemera & elements

Christmas Cards Recycled Greetings Cards
Cone Decorations

Using foraged & dried cones & recycled embellishments for decorations

Christmas Centrepiece Circular Cone Table Centre
Crochet Jug, Jar & Bowl Crochet Jug Covers

Crochet jug, jar & bowl covers using left over fine linen thread & repurposed beads 

Crochet Jar Cover Linen thread Covers with repurposed beads
Crochet Snowflakes

Crochet Snowflakes using excess sewing threads

Crochet Snowflakes Cotton Polyester thread Snowflakes
Decorative Jewellery Box
Recycled lining fabric & vintage lace repurpose an old chocolate box into a pretty Jewel Box
Blue Jewel Box Recycled lining fabric & vintage Lace covered box
Dolls Beds

Recycled & repurposed wooden fruit crates make ideal dolls beds when covered in recycled materials

Dolls Divans Padded, fruit carton Dolls Beds
Dragonfly Plantpot Pretties

Unused pipe-cleaner wires, beads & obsolete projector acetates repurposed into flying Dragonflies to add interest & colour to any green pot plant

Draught Excluder Roll

Repurposed fabric & upholstery stuffing

Blue & Gold Fabric Repurposed Fabric Draught Excluder
Edible Cake Toppers

Creating Cake Toppers from different substrates such as over Royal Icing  or Marzipan & other ephemera

Barney Dog Edible Cake Topper
Embroidered Pictures

Embroidery of Calico scraps, mounted in a re-cycled picture frame

Magnolia & Butterflies Embroidered, framed Picture
Everlasting Wreaths

Dressmakers offcuts from shortening dresses are knotted and sewn onto a wool covered wire ring then embellished with other re-purposed & vintage ephemera

Everlasting Wreath Embellished Fabric Wreath
Fabric Stationery Pouches

Dressmakers polycotton offcuts are patched together over repurposed towel mid layer to create a double pocket Greetings Card or Stationery Pouch fastened using a vintage button

Greetings Card Pocket Patchwork Fabric Pocket with vintage button clasp
Fragrant Hearts & Wedding Favours

Fabric offcuts create wonderful heart shapes for potpourri filled Wedding Favours or fragrant cupboard hangers

Hanging Hearts Fragrant Wedding Favours
Gift Box Papercraft

Re-cycled Camembert box, covered in re-cycled Christmas card scene, with fabric offcut lining, bow & vintage button embellishments

Christmas Gift Box Re-cycled Christmas card Box & Lid
Glass Paint Earring & Ring Boxes

Small white ceramic glass boxes or cleaned tiny glass preserves jars can be up-cycled into pretty earring or ring boxes using glass paints

Glass Paint Decorate white ceramics or clear glass jars
Glittering Cake Toppers

Glitters stock offcuts can be re-cut to make decorative glittering Cake Toppers, mounted on wooden kitchen skewers or cocktail sticks

Steaming Bill Train 89 Glitter stock Cake Topper
Gnome & Wizard Door stops

Hessian wine bottle covers recycled into Doorstop Gnomes & Wizards stuffed with a lost sock weighted with chicken corn.  Add hats of stretch fabric or old  jumper sleeves re-sewn & stiffened with florists wire inside the seam. Embellish  & add painted styrene ball or bead for a nose.

3 Gnome Door Stoppers Hessian Wine bottle Cover Gnomes & Wizards
Golfie Hangers & Key Rings

Damaged Golf Balls can be drilled to allow superstrong filament & keyring to be added.  Balls can then be embellished with other elements into creatures of fun such as Divers, Minions, Hairy Imps or suchlike

Diving Golfie Damaged Golf Balls make great Keyrings or Zipper Hanger
Goonie Fragrancers

Wool scraps knitted into balls and hats.  Bodies are stuffed with an odd sock filled with Potpourri.  Add wool twist arms & legs, moustaches & big eyes

Sitting Goonies Knitted Room Fragrancers
Hanging Flower Fairies

Alteration off cuts from Wedding & Prom dresses are teamed with ribbon sewn around painted dolly pegs. Veins are printed onto  repurposed Overhead projector slides to create long wings.  Wool offcuts finish these beauties with flowing hair & wool twist arms

Flower Fairies Hanging Long Winged Flower Fairies
Hedgehog Cuddlers

Bin end sparkly wool has been knitted to create these cuddly hedgehog bodies. Stuffed with a repurposed upholstery padding case filled with Potpourri, they add fragrance as they are cuddled

Harry Hedgehog Knitted Tinsel Wool Hedgehog
Journal embellishing

Recycling empty albums, books or notepads, enriched with embossed images, themed paper, Poem & story pages, old photographs & favourite sayings to create a personal Journal

Design a Pub Notes Personalise a Journal with snippets & extractsby Theme or Interest
Knitted Christening Ice Bears

Surplus white wool knits into a cute Christening Bear whose wool scrap scarp can be embroidered with the childs initials or name

Ice Bear Personalised Christening Bears, Armoured Bears & Panserbjorne
Knitted Doorkeepers

Unwound woolen jumpers yarn makes great wool for knitting Door Retainers

Ladybird Stoneart

Use acryllic Paint on foraged pebbles & stones to create decorative table pieces

Ladybids Ladybirds are cute Stoneart subjects
Laminated Placemats

Re-purpose Christmas cards by placing back to back images or Card cut-out designs into laminated themed placemats for the Table

Christmas Tree Laminated Themed Placemats & Table Mats
Lavender Heat Bags
Fabric scraps are used to create a cover for a bag made from repurposed sheets or pillowcases.  The inner bag is filled with home dried Lavender flowerheads segments, chicken corn infused with essential oil of Lavender
Monkey Mates

Stuff this hand knitted Monkey with a sock filled with small fabric scraps for the body & repurposed upholstery stuffing scraps for the rest.

Mikey Monkey Knitted Sock Monkey
Monogram Decoupage Cards

Re-cycle old Greetings Cards to create new, personalised, 3D Mongram & name cards

Decoupage Monogram Personalised Monogram Name Cards
Monsters etc Keyrings & Mascots

Scraps of  Faux Fur cover a damaged golf ball to create creatures resembling characters from Monsters inc. & the like.  Each damaged ball has been drilled to allow threading onto high strength filament to which a key ring can be safely attached

Monster Munch Keyring & Hanging Mascot Monsters etc
Needle Books & Cases

Upholstery Fabric scraps & sample book pieces create ideal covers for Sewing Needle Cases & Needle Books.  Re-purposed blankets, felt square offcuts, pieces from old wool coats etc can be used to create each 'page'

Needle Book Sewing Needle Cases & Books
Oven Mittens & Gauntlets

Fire retardant upholstery fabric off-cuts & retardant padding can be sewn to the perfect size for personalised Oven Mittens & Gauntlets

Hand Protection Personal Sized Oven Gloves & Gauntlets
Owl Cuties

Left over wool is knitted and embroidered together to create a child safe Owl Cutie

Ollie Owl Knitted & embroidered Owl made from leftover wool
Owl Paperweights

Pebbles & stones create ideal paperweights when cleaned then decorated with paint.  Brushing over with matt or gloss PVA glue will seal the pain to the surface for either a matt or gloss finish

Oscar Owl Painted Stone Paperweight
Painted Hand & Clutch Bags

Calico Toile dress mockup fabrics are re-purposed to create painted Hand & Clutch bags using fabric paints & stencilling techniques

Butterfly Clutch Stencilled stamped Fabric Paint decorated Hand & Clutch Bags
Papercraft Baubles & Hangers

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Papercraft Bookmarks

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Papercraft Gift Tags

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Patchwork Notepad Holders

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Pin cushion Mice

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Pinafores & Aprons

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Pom Pom Hat

Recycled woollen jumper, unpicked & reknitted to create both hat and pom pom

Pom Pom Hat Recycled wool knitted hat
Prosecco Munchkin Keyrings & Mascots


Pyjamma Pouches

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Quilts & Throws

Discarded polycotton shirt, skirt, dress & blouse fabric can be re-purposed as Patchwork & Quilting fabrics.  Use old blankets, towelling, or fire retardent upholstery padding & warmth to create the quilting layer between the external layers

Nicky Blue Quilted Bed Covers & Sofa Throws from recycled fabrics
Quilt & Appliqued Cot Covers

Re-purpose worn or torn sheeting & linen into quilted Cots Covers. Finish off with applique for that etra special touch

Pink Teddy Quilted & Applique Cot Covers
Satin Angels

A donated excess of underarm shields from a friendly seamstress were converted into lovely Satin Angels using lining materials, satin offcuts, ribbons & bows.  Wool strand hair over painted poly balls & recycled acetate was cut to form the wings.  They can be left empty or filled with spare stuffing.  Fill with Potpourri to create hanging cupboard fragrancers.

Blue Angel Hanging Satin Angels for Christmas Trees & Padded Coat hangers
Scrapbook Collectables

Upcycling old office spiral wire binders with re-cycled card & paper pages to present themed collections of ephemera

Scrapbook Embellishments Display of collected ephemera, themed paper, card & tags
Skirt Shoppers

Children grow so fast these days that young ones skirts often are discarded but have plenty of wear.  This shopper is created by turning a girls skirt upside down, sewing the bottom closed, adding a fabric liner & handles.  Adorn in any way to add a different look. Even add pockets to the inside.

Sporty Pixie models

Left over lengths of knitting wool are knitted & French knitted into bodies, arms and legs.  Re-purposed acetate is made into wings.  Knitted hats with fishing twine hangers, and the addition of either cocktail stick  & lollypop stick ski or paperclip skates are added to finish these standing & hanging models

Skiing Pixie Knitted Skiing & Ice Skating Pixie models
Stamped Shoppers

Old blackout curtain fabric can be re-cycled into re-useable, environmentally friendly shopping bags.  Hand stamping & infil with fabric paint can give these plain items great charm

Wooden Stamps Stamping with Archive Ink on plain fabric Shopping Bags
Stocking & Tight Protectors

Pieces of shirt fabric upcycled into patchwork, lined with offcuts of dress lining, embellished with vintage button

Stocking Pouch Patchwork pieces of upcycled shirt material
Tissue Pouches

Offcuts & fabric scraps, pieced together & recycled into fabric tissue pouches

Tissue Pouches Recycled fabric scraps
Tree Doorstops

Recycled upholstery cushion fabric, sewn into a Christmas Tree, stuffed with repurposed cushion stuffing, embellished with sequin strands from an old ball gown, mounted on a coffee jar lid

Christmas Tree Embellished Door Stop
Trouser Leg Pencil & Tool cases

Repurposed fabric from trouser legs upcycled into Pencil Cases, Knitting needle bags & crochet hook cases

Tweed Fabric Pencil Case Repurposed study Trouser Leg fabric
Wheat Cushion Soothers

Patchwork fabric scraps, sewn together to create a cover for a Wheat  bag made from repurposed curtain lining.

Winged Dragon Fragrancers

Knitted winged Dragon using scrap pieces of pipe-cleaner, wool scraps, an odd sock, repurposed cushion stuffing & potpourri

Purple Prancer Knitted Winged Dragon
Barked Wood Votive Holders

Barked branch piece, foraged, dried & embellished to upcycle into a votive candle holder

Bark Branch Votive Holder Upcycled & Embellished Wood Votive Holder
Woolly Christmas Elves

Knitting wool scraps encasing an upcycled odd sock filled with potpourri

Christmas Elves on a shelf Knitted Elf frangrancer
3D Light Boxes

Repurposed Christmas fairy lights mounted between cut recycled card layers

Classic Lady Golfer 3D Lightbox Golfer
3D Photoframes

Repurposed photograph frames, covered with fabric & embellished with embroidered fabric scraps & other ephemera

Roses in Bloom Photoframe upcycled with fabric & fabric scrap embellishments
3D Pictures

Multi layered pictures, decoupaged & mounted inside upcycled picture frames

Barney Dog Picture Layered picture re-created from pet Dog photo
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Delectable Imps

Off cuts from Wedding & Prom dresses are teamed with vintage lace & ribbon offcuts & repurposed projector acetate wings.  Faces are hand painted onto their styrene ball heads with wool strand hair to add character

Sugar Plum Delectable Imps
Letter Bears

Rec-cycled wool & wool leftovers can be crafted into Knitted Bears with embroidered monogram scarves

I Bear Letter Bears are personalised with a monogrammed scarf
Christmas Fragrance Sachets

Dried Orange peel, cloves, dried roses & petals form the fragranced element of these themed Christmas fabric scrap hanging sachets

Christmas Fairies Theme Hanging Christmas fragrance sachets
Micro Christmas Puddings

Small, bite size chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher or Lindor are topped off by knitted sewing thread hats made to resemble Christmas Puddings, using up scrap yarn

Ferrero Rocher Ferrero Rocher & Lindoor Christmas Pudding hats
Padded Coathangers

Old wooden coat hangers can be wrapped in scrap fabric strips then covered & decorated with ribbon, Lace, bows etc to create pretty new hangers that won't stretch or scratch clothes any more,  Add a Satin Angel fragrance hanger & keep the cupboards & clothes smelling fresh

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