What to cook today

Recipes are simply instructions on how to combine foods in such a way as to satisfy our olfactory systems of taste and smell with yummy concoctions that look stunning. They give us the methods for preparation and cooking of food elements. There is a whole world of alchemical processes that occur when we combine water, acids and heat that results in release of minerals and nutrients otherwise bound up and unavailable to our bodies in those food elements.

Appetizers, Small Bites & Canapes

Little nibbles just to wet your appetite

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Bread, Flatbread, Pizza, Buns & Rolls

Taste the difference between home and factory crafted dough

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Breakfast & Brunch

Start the day the best way

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Cakes, Cookies & Biscuits

Always sweet, or sometimes savoury?

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Condiments, Marinades, preserved Sauces & Pesto

Bring out the best in a dish

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Confectionery, Sweeties & Holiday Gifts

Ultimate happiness when given in plenty but eaten in moderation

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Desserts & Puddings

Signal the end of a meal is nigh

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Drinks, Beverages & Cocktails

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, mix or make your own

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Entrees & Starters

The start of a hearty meal

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Fish, Seafood & 

Fish but not fowl or meat

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Ice Creams, Sorbets & Popsicles

Versatile and so so easy to make

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Jams, Jellies, Marmalade & Conserves

Economic ways to preserve seasonal fruits

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So easy to make your own in minutes

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Pickles & Preserves

Tasty seasonal foods preserved for later use

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Pies & Pastry

Choosing the right pastry makes a tastier dish

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Not just lettuce and rabbit food

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Salsa, Dips & fresh Sauces

May be raw or cooked, and are generally served fresh to table

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Side Dishes & Veggies

Great ways to add to your minimum five a day

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Snacks & Tapas

An appetizer or small snack that may be cold or hot and can be combined to make a full meal

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Soups & Stocks

Stocks, broths and soups are different

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The Main Event, Lunch & Dinner

The most substantial food of the day, whatever and whenever you eat it

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Quick Fix

In a hurry? Try these quick and easy, 30 minutes fixes

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Recipes List

Alphabetic A-Z of recipe names

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Specialised Dietary needs

Categories include: Sports friendly, Lactose free, Low Cholesterol, Low fat, PMT beating

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