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Balanced Lifestyle

An active, healthy person balances their life by incorporating exercise, relaxation and hobbies with day to day activity.  Some people like to share a common interest with friends, others prefer a little quiet, alone time.  No matter which, the feelings of achievement and self-worth that our activities, hobbies and handicrafts generate are essential to our health and wellbeing.

Sport and Activity

Golf Leader Board at Rider Cup, The K Club, Dublin 2014

Physical activity not only balances out our requirements for nutrition to keep us from obesity, it can both prevent and aid our recovery from injury.


Scuba Divers Divers get together to share mutual sport and environmental interests

A Balanced Lifestyle helps us keep our mental health in trim. With an array of Internet sources and You Tube videos to watch, trying something new has become easier than ever.


Aroma Buddies Hand crafted from upcycled fabric stuffed with home grown Potpourri

Relaxation is not always about exercise, it also embraces those creative areas and skills which many of us give little time to. Some of the long lost basic creative skills can have long lasting benefits for our wellbeing.