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Hobbies with super Healthy outcomes

There is a wide variety of food you can forage for in Britain, including nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and more. Seasonality is key to getting the best from all foods and is a cornerstone when finding, gathering and harvesting wild foods – for free.


Hunter gatherers forage for foods.  Fishing is one method which we are familiar with. Another is seeking local ingredients from nearby countryside.


Many people enjoy nurturing chickens, ducks, geese, bees in their gardens and many now farm these creatures at home as a source of fresh food.

Grow your own

Growing your own food is rewarding, be it from a small plot of ground, pots on a patio, window boxes, hanging baskets or a small greenhouse.

In Season

Nutrient values and flavours are best savoured when food is fresh.  When it is season, it is also at its most economic.

Specialised Diets

Choice, Religious observance or medical needs can be met by use of specialised recipes.

Seasonal Dishes

Reducing food miles and costs can be accompanied by increased nutrient value in the food products we consume. Using seasonal recipes can help us take advantage of this.