Nutrition Factoids

Nutrition is a science

The substances in our store cupboard should be chosen to help us prepare healthy, balanced food. These factoids are a collection of related items to help us form an understanding of what substances we might choose to eat & how these choices might impact our health and wellbeing. 


Our body shape changes with age but also as a result of a balance between input (our diet) and output (our activity levels).


Nutrients in Food contribute not only to our body shape but also to our general health.

Cooking with Herbs

Herbs and Spices add not only flavour but also nutrients to our diet.

In Season

Nutrient values and flavours are best savoured when food is fresh.  When it is season, it is also at its most economic.

Dietary Needs

Specialised diets may be adopted from preference.  However, some people also have health conditions that warrant a focussed or restricted diet.

Seasonal Favourites

Seasonal food is often higher in nutrient value as it encompasses fresh picked, locally grown, low food mileage produce.