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Food is the key to health & happiness

Preparing food need not be a chore, the joy it brings to see others enjoy the fruits of our labour will reward us manyfold. Recipes capture the ideas, tastes and changes in techniques that are passed down through the generations. Successful delivery of an enticing and healthy plate of food needs an understanding both of some of the quirky techniques and tips to avoid disaster and the underpinning science behind how our body needs to use the substances we consume.


Those tricky instructions. Lists of ingredients, ratios for combination and techniques for preparation of food elements  into delightful end products that we have developed and recorded over a period spanning half a century

Cookery Tips

Unleash the magic of perfection. Those undisclosed tips and tricks used by those in the know to achieve perfect results and avoid disasters along the way.

Nutrition Factoids

Science underpins nutrition. Review some of the facts and myths underpinning our understanding of how the substances we eat affect our health and ability to sustain life.