Everlasting Christmas Wreath

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Handmade luxury everlasting wreath designed to embrace environmentally friendly principles at Christmas.

Everlasting Christmas Wreaths are made from all recycled and upcycled elements: fabric scraps, fir cones, dried orange slices, insect creations, ribbons & bows, baubles & bells and more - each one is unique & differs in composite elements used.  They are designed to be re-used year on year when displayed in an indoor environment.

When ordering your wreath, remember that it is 'everlasting' only in the sense that it is not made from live flowers or plants that wilt and are discarded after Christmas.  When used indoors, perhaps displayed on the Christmas Tree, hung inside from doors, picture hooks etc, then stored in a suitably protective environment, it will last many years.

Diameter: approx 10 inches.
Larger sizes are available on request by agreement

Includes integral hanging loop designed into the hoop.

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